Summer Media Workshop

APPLY to the upcoming 2015 Summer Media Workshop!

AOI summer poster 2015

The Summer Media Workshop is Apollo Outreach’s flagship program.

In the Workshop, students acquire critical, creative, and technical skills and produce their own short movies, which will screen publicly at the Apollo Theatre. Over twelve days, students are introduced to various components of the filmmaking process, including green screen, stop-motion animation, and sound design.


Green screen is a post-production technique that allows filmmakers to remove a background from their video and replace it with another image. This special effect is made possible through editing software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects, which are able to make any color transparent in order to create various illusions.


Stop-motion is an animation technique that creates the illusion of objects moving on their own. To create this effect, filmmakers take a series of still images, shifting the objects’ positions in each  frame. When played back in sequence, the objects will appear to move — as if by magic!




The way a film sounds is every bit as important as the way it looks. A filmmaker will collaborate with sound designers, composers, and foley artists to create the acoustic world of a film. A foley artist recreates the ambient sounds of the film using everyday objects and props.