Our Projects

Our Projects offer students of all ages hands-on experience with a wide range of media.

From paper-making and theatre games to stop-motion animation and computer-generated special effects, Apollo Outreach’s workshops and residencies help students tell their stories on both the big and small screen.

In School

In partnership with classrooms around Lorain County, Apollo Outreach transports its media production studio to schools for both media literacy and production-based residencies, giving teachers an expanded toolset for executing innovative projects with their students. These residencies are scheduled upon request.

Community Events

Apollo Outreach seeks to bring free high-quality programming to all members of the Lorain County community by hosting free events and screenings throughout the year at the Oberlin Public Library and at the Apollo Theatre.


Apollo Outreach’s flagship program is its two-week Summer Media Workshop, which introduces middle- and high-school students to all aspects of the filmmaking process: from writing proposals, drawing storyboards, and rehearsing actors to practicing cinematography, composing soundtracks, and recording voice-over. During the Workshop, students produce a series of green screen and stop-motion animation experiments as well as a complete short film — all of which are screened for the Oberlin community at the Apollo Theatre.