Our Partnership With Cinema Studies

“[Oberlin Cinema Studies] is really functioning as a model for how a college can give back and participate with the community at large in a more profound way. As we know, in public schools around the country, the budget cutbacks have been crippling, and the first place that’s hit is the arts. Along comes Cinema Studies, sending enormously capable young men and women into the schools to teach the modern art form.”

Jonathan Demme, filmmaker


Apollo TheatreCinema is modern culture’s primary art form.

It is also central to the media traditions and industries that structure contemporary society. From music to art installations, from literature to the Internet, these various artistic expressions, both individually and in relation to cinema, help us better understand and experience the world around us.

Developed in 2002, Oberlin’s Cinema Studies Program offers a unique combination of critical study, filmmaking, and community service. The major is interdisciplinary, and because it requires exemplary skills in reading, writing, editing, and critical thinking, as well as familiarity with new media and technology, it is a gateway to a variety of career paths. Graduates of the program work in media literacy and education at all levels and in film production and related industries. For more information, visit Oberlin College’s Cinema Studies website.