Our Approach

Apollo Outreach helps bring Oberlin College and community together through COLLABORATIVE media-making and mentorship.

Apollo Outreach could not exist without the support and partnership of the Cinema Studies Program and its student mentors. Apollo Outreach makes full use of Oberlin College students’ creative power by integrating community outreach directly into the Cinema Studies curriculum. Students interested in mentoring with Apollo Outreach can enroll in CINE 294, The AOI Workshop, which is offered every Fall & Spring semester. There are no prerequisites for these courses and students of all majors are encouraged to apply.

Through this partnership, Apollo Outreach can tap into a renewable source of thoughtful, self-motivated young educators will enter classrooms with some experience studying and making media. Through our students-teaching-students approach, Apollo Outreach seeks to:

  1. Strengthen Oberlin College students’ understanding of media production as a craft and agent for social change.
  2. Introduce Lorain County students to a diverse group of college students, each of whom models a unique route to success.
  3. Promote outreach and education opportunities and career paths for Oberlin College Cinema Studies graduates.


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Apollo Outreach believes that all children (and the inner children of all adults) have rich and unique voices and that communities are strengthened when those voices are heard and celebrated. Apollo Outreach exhibits many of the films, videos, and animations created by its students on the big screens of Oberlin’s historic Apollo Theatre — the same screens where the public views big budget Hollywood productions. At Apollo Outreach, all stories have the potential to become blockbusters.



Apollo Outreach gives kids access to the same advanced media production tools and technologies used by Oberlin College Cinema Studies majors. During workshops, Apollo Outreach students learn state-of-the-art programs like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite and work collaboratively in professional facilities that include a shooting studio, editing lab, and craft shop.


At Apollo Outreach, no one works alone. Students team up with each other and with Oberlin College mentors to produce their films and other projects. Apollo Outreach provides an open and safe environment for children of all skill levels and talents — from avid filmmakers to amateurs.