This past summer, Zygote Press, Apollo Outreach Initiative, Cleveland Roots and Stone Soup Cleveland came together for the first time as the Reimagining Youth Summer Media Workshop. Here students from many backgrounds worked together to tell their stories and create collaborative projects through printmaking, short films and food education.  Throughout the course of the two week workshop, the students developed leadership abilities, communication skills, and learned various forms of media production, all while working alongside professionals and volunteers in the food/gardening industry to understand the ways in which food waste and food recovery can help their community. 

Young people have an important perspective on our city – they observe, interpret, and then can facilitate change using their experiences to impact the evolving parts of their neighborhoods for the better.  Zygote Press, Apollo Outreach Initiative, Cleveland Roots & Stone Soup Cleveland are proud to support this effort. 

The short video below is an example of one aspect of this workshop — telling stories through stop-motion animation about the foods in our life that help to shape our world.